Sticky Toffee Pudding

A classic British, cold-weather, comforting recipe that would be delicious at any time of year, but is especially good at alleviating cold feet during the winter months and those homesick blues whenever and if ever they should hit! A delightfully light and simple sticky toffee pudding, just what the sugar doctor ordered!



Hello all, and Happy November! It’s cold, it’s rainy and there’s leaf mulch everywhere – it’s disgusting as weather goes but it certainly feels autumnal. Weather (typo intended – heh heh heh, English is confusing) you’re in the UK or British Columbia, I am sure that you are now completely bundled up for the upcoming months! Winter coat, scarf, hats, gloves and signature head cold and sniffles, say goodbye to your ability to pronounce the letter ‘D’ with a blocked nose, and feeling your extremities in any capacity – winter is here and it ain’t going anywhere just yet!

With this dreary season in full swing, I for one am feeling grouchy and worn out, antisocial is an understatement and going outside is being kept to a minimum – the outside world holds nothing for me, I am hibernating until spring. Colds and sniffles aplenty, chapped lips that no amount of lip balm can ease, an inability to feel your fingers and toes, you’d be forgiven for forgetting what warmth actually feels like any more. It’s dark by 5, the ground is perpetually wet or muddy, its not quite hats and gloves weather but come 6pm you’re frozen on the walk home from work, to be blunt (and marginally offensive if terse language isn’t you’re thing), it’s shit. Summer is long gone, farewell Halloween, and it’s not even Christmas – it’s the tale end of November in all it’s nasty, soggy glory. In the wise old words of that bear hunting family; we can’t go over it, we can’t go under it, we’ve got to *eat* through it (and if you don’t know that reference, what even was your childhood – We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’, Michael Rosen, read it). If you couldn’t tell from my privileged, spoilt-millenial complaining, I am quite the bad mood bear this week (2nd bear hunt reference noted). I’d apologize for my attitude but I know I’m not the only one and, safe within group mentality, feel my behaviour is acceptable and understandable on the back of it being November. At least I think I’m not the only one experiencing the November grumps… If not, the people in Vancouver are really quite mean and I wouldn’t recommend Vancouver as a holiday destination… (Only joking, Vancouverites are lovely and warm, and make great neutralisers for my bitter British mentality).

So what is the point of all this whinging (other than as a cheaper version of therapy for yours truly, and an ear sore for the rest of you out there)? Well, would you believe it, it makes an excellent foray into this week’s bake: Sticky Toffee Pudding. Yes, delicious, comforting Sticky Toffee Pudding goodness; the perfect morsel to beat away those November blues. At the end of this week, as bad tempered and angsty as I was, I knew that I needed something truly comforting, the food equivalent of a big bear hug (bleeding those bear hunt references dry, oh yeah), to lift my spirits and ease my November woes! A traditional British pudding is the only way to improve the cheer of a grumpy Brit (this one anyway), the type of pudding that greets you at the pub after a long winter walk and cuddles you in spongey, syrupy goodness. Sticky Toffee Pudding is one of my absolute favourites and the taste of home in these cold months, its delightful and dense, and unbeatable (and best of all you can use it as a vehicle for all the custard you could possibly consume). It tastes equally wonderful whether you’re sat in a dark room by yourself, listening to Leonard Cohen (may he rest in peace), and crying about your lost childhood, or consuming with close friends on a chilly, Sunday afternoon – I’ve tried both… for science. It’s not a glamorous bake, it won’t win any awards for beauty, but if you’re looking for the ultimate in home comfort cooking and culinary cuddles, Sticky Toffee Pudding is the best in the world.

Find the full post and recipe here!



Traditional Cheese & Potato Pirogies

Delicious, traditional Ukrainian Pirogies accompanied by a celebration of cultures and the foods they provide! And what better timing than the week after the US election?! These cheese and potato pirogies are wonderfully tasty, doughy, and delicious, and I sincerely encourage you to give them a go!



Hello one and ALL! Whilst I’m not one to politicise conversations, preach politics, or encourage heated, involved debates (not when it comes to blog posts and the internet anyway, those who know me may say different but we’ll argue that out later), I do have to prepare you for the relevance of this post to the current political climate. Note, this was not intentional, it was not planned, it just seems as if the baking stars have aligned and this particular post has come at an extremely apt time. This post was actually meant to go out last week, but then Bonfire Night and Parkin happened, and it got delayed…. And then last Tuesday happened and (I’ll keep it vague) a xenophobic misogynist wound up in a fairly substantial position of power, and this bake was next in the ticket for posting. I do not have anything else to post – honestly, the pantry is bare – but I probably wouldn’t post anything else even if I could. I am taking far too much satisfaction from revelling in the genuine coincidence that this bake is falling on this day – a message from the baking gods in it’s purest form – and I didn’t even plan it. Again, this isn’t a purposeful political stand, just a happy, welcome coincidence.

Moving on, let’s shed the negativity of this week and focus on the most important thing in life; food. What food? All food! From as many cultures, countries, and collections as I can possibly find! One of the best things about moving to Vancouver was the sheer diversity of people and cultures that I have been able to encounter; it has broadened my outlook on life, educated me in so many ways, and built on an already solid foundation of respect and tolerance for those around me. I have grown in ways that I didn’t even realise I could and I will be forever grateful to Vancouver, and the people within it, for teaching me such valuable lessons. Naturally, I have taken immense joy from cultivating my culinary horizons – Vancouver has nearly every cuisine imaginable and many are cooked by the people who know it best, those whose culture the cuisine has stemmed from. Authentic Greek, Lebanese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Mongolian, Iranian, Afghani, French, Polish, Ukrainian, Romanian, Jewish, Italian, North American, Mexican, Brazilian, Jamaican, *pause for breath* Indian (and the array of cuisines that come under the ‘Indian’ umbrella), German, Australia (meat pies oh yesss), Irish, even British – although getting your hands on a decent fish and chips is like hunting for gold, credits for trying though! I have experienced more tastes, textures, aromas and spices than I could have ever anticipated before I moved here, and it is a culinary journey that I’m not prepared to stop just yet! Such a diversity of food, right on my doorstep, makes it feel like culinary Christmas everyday and I wouldn’t change it, or the people who represent it, for anything!

And onto the star of this week’s post; Traditional Ukrainian Pirogies (perogies? perogeis? I’ve seen multiple spellings all over Vancouver and online, I’m out of my spelling depth)! Mmmmmm. Before I moved here, I didn’t know what they were, I hadn’t heard of them and I certainly hadn’t eaten one – and boy, was I missing out! I had to come to half way round the world to try a bake that was basically on my door step (European speaking of course) – what a fool! If you haven’t heard of pirogies – and if you’re a Brit, that chances are you haven’t (and if you’re from Vancouver, the chances are that you have and don’t get the hype) – then you will not know that they are delicious potato filled dumplings – yes, DELICIOUS potato filled dumplings! Soft and squidgy, and carby and comforting, they are the ultimate comfort food. Whether they’re filled with cheese and potato or something more meaty, when paired with sautéed onions and sour cream they are like little bites of doughy heaven. They aren’t the most glamorous or flashy bake, they are humble and unassuming and I absolutely adore them- gimme a plate of fresh pirogies and I’m a very happy Molly indeed. I have stuck to the traditional style of pirogies, crammed full of cheese and potato and poached to perfection (with a few additional ingredients thrown in, of course – it wouldn’t be a Molly’s Morsels bake without it). Huddled together in a delectably doughy pile, covered in onions, smothered in cream, and delicately sprinkled with bacon bits, pirogies are home-cooked comfort food to perfection – and I am absolutely delighted to have found them!

Find the full post and recipe here!


Ginger Apple Parkin

A delicious bake I created and posted to the Molly’s Morsels Squarespace profile back in November! A delectable homage to Bonfire Night; a delightful bake that could warm you up on the coldest of nights! Enjoy!



Hello, hello, hello! I hope you are all well and having a splendid time in this, the first week of November, 2016. Your eyes do not deceive you, it is I; I have created a new post, I am sticking to my new lease of blogging life, and I have yet another bake in store for you all! Hurrah! I’m a changed woman… in this particular aspect of my adult life anyway. If you currently reside in the UK, I’ve heard the weather is actually rather pleasant for this time of year – a surprise to all of us born in the soggy, cold country of Britland. If on the other hand, you happen to reside in Vancouver, the weather is absolutely miserable and you will probably have drowned in the sheer volume of rainfall that has bombarded us this autumn. 28 days of rain in October, YES, TWENTY-EIGHT DAYS OF RAIN, an entire month of rain?! Can you believe it? I certainly can’t; I might as well replace my arm with an umbrella and be done with it. I move 4700 miles from home and pick a place with the exact same sodding climate, and more rainfall to boot. Good grief! Look at me talking about the weather, embodying the British stereotype to the full and loving every second of it. Would you have I guessed that I’m feeling a little homesick today? No? Not at all? Well I’ll to step it up a gear then.

To tell the truth, I am actually a little homesick today. Yes, I am. Why? I’m missing Bonfire Night! I’m missing the fireworks displays with family and friends, I’m missing the sparklers and potential health hazards that accompany playing with ignited substances, I’m missing the smell and sound of crackling bonfires, the warm mulled cider, the community fireworks feels, the cosy atmosphere, and the celebration of Guy Fawkes’ foiled plot and subsequent death (What? That’s not morbid at all). Most importantly though, I am missing the food (obviously)! The sausage sandwiches, caramelised onions, hog roast, hot chocolate, and delicious bonfire night, autumnal pastries and bakes! The combination of fireworks, a burger and a warm brew, eaten outside on a crisp and cold night, cannot be beaten and I am sorely missing that this year! So what’s a girl to do when she’s a 10 hour flight away from home with very little excess funds and a mind full of homesick? Bake. Bake till she can bake no more!

And that’s just what I did! Mmm delicious comfort eating… food. A Ginger Apple Parkin to be exact, and a rather delectable one at that! For those who aren’t familiar with British holidays and bakes (and they can be a little obscure, I grant), Parkin is an exceedingly traditional bake all the way from Yorkshire – the Great White North of England (Canada may be your Great White North, North American, but Yorkshire’s ‘Gods own country’ by trade and completely deserving of the name)! Parkin is served on Bonfire Night as a warm, filling and tasty treat – perfect outdoor snacking food for watching those fireworks – and so wonderfully spiced and flavourful! Originally made with black treacle and rammed full of spices, it may not be the prettiest bake on earth but Parkin has an incredible depth of flavour and a very unique, one might say, British taste (on top of having the most comforting of stodgy, sticky textures – the best kind of stodgy in my professional opinion). Finding black treacle in Vancouver was near impossible so I have replaced it with the equally decadent golden syrup, as well as making the addition of fresh ginger as opposed to dried (I prefer the zingy, – suprise-suprise – ‘fresh’ flavour of fresh ginger to dried and was interested to see how it would work in a sweet bake). I have also added some glam to the standard Parkin with the always delightful green apple (for that extra autumnal vibe – and who doesn’t like an apple-ginger combo?!), as well as a sprinkling of black pepper – yes, I know its a sweet dish but it makes it taste warm OK? It’s producing a dimension, leave it be! So there you have it, my first November bake and a very easy one at that! As easy as it is delicious, if you’re a ginger fiend like me, this is an absolute must and the perfect, sweet morsel for those cold autumnal nights!  Give it a go this season and give your life some spice!

Find the full post and recipe here!


I’M BACK?! ft. Caramel Apple Cinnamon Buns!

Hello, hello, hello! I am back, Molly’s Morsels is back up and running! It is 2017 and after an ridiculously long hiatus, I can now (FINALLY) dedicate all of my time and energy into Molly’s Morsels and all that it encompasses! And, may I say, it is absolutely wonderful to see you all and be back in the WordPress blogging sphere with you!

Yes! I am back, returned from my months of silence and seclusion! Emerged like a beautiful butterfly (cake) fresh from it cocoon (oven) to delight the world with my splendour – HA, no. I would so very much like to say that my months of seclusion were due to a journey of self-discovery and self-love, that I had dedicated all my time bettering myself, delighting in humanity, and becoming at one with my inner goddess, but that just isn’t the case at all. I was gone because I ran out of MB on WordPress, was debating switching the blog up, suffered a brutal technology blow when my laptop automatically updated to Windows 10 and decided it didn’t want to live on this earth anymore *gasp for breath* then I moved apartment, then I visited home, then I went on some travels with my gorgeous family and friends (I delighted in these humans so I guess it counts as personal betterment?) *gasp again (I promise it’s almost over)* THEN I changed job and well, that’s it. Then the Christmas period set in and I was busy keeping up with all that excitement! 8 months summed up in one grotesque sentence. Wow, Molly, wow.

So here I am, giving a slightly better impression of successfully adulting than I was before, with enough free time to dedicate myself to this blog and create enjoyable, meaningful content (if by meaningful you mean calorific). On a rare but necessary serious note, I am truly, genuinely sorry for having left this blog for so long, it is always a joy to write it and I love creating the posts for all of you. The reality is that I simply did not have the time to commit myself fully to this blog and the posts I was creating, and I 100% believe that it was far better to take a break than produce uninteresting and rushed content -you deserve better and I sincerely hope I can provide that now.

Whilst I was away from this blog physically, I have not been away mentally and have been thinking long and hard about how to improve upon and advance Molly’s Morsels. As a result of this, I have decided to move the majority of my content over to a new platform, Squarespace, which has allowed me to use my own domain name, as well as having more freedom over the design elements and layout of my blog. From a memory perspective, I also have more memory for photos and content than I do on WordPress, and when faced with paying to upgrade my WordPress account or sign-up to Squarespace, Squarespace seemed the better option financially. I hope that explanation wasn’t too boring and drawn out, I am just so grateful to all the followers of this blog and wanted to give you a proper explanation behind moving it over to Squarespace! Do not fret however, I will still be posting condensed versions of my posts and recipes on my WordPress account and will keep you all up-to-date as much as I possibly can! If you would like to have a snoop of my new blogging platform, please feel free to head over to and have a look around! Thank you!!

Aaaaanyways, I hope you enjoy the new direction this blog takes and continue to follow and keep up with the recipes I will be posting; I absolutely love sharing them with you! I hope 2016 was kind to you all, and that 2017 will be even kinder – I am so very positive about what’s to come! To kick off my new lease of blogging life, please enjoy my Caramel Apple Cinnamon Buns! Delightful to make and delicious to consume!! Find the recipe here!



Earl Grey Hot Cross Buns


Happy Easter readers! It is with the warmest of hearts that I wish you many a happy tiding this Easter! On this the day of ultimate chocolate consumption, and with arms full of bunnies and eggs (the chocolate variety, of course), I impart on you good tidings and wish you the sunniest, and most pleasant of springs!  Spring has sprung, storm Katie is cradling the UK (ha-ha you silly Brit-land dwellers), and in Vancouver the sun is tentatively peeking its little head out like a groundhog on Groundhog Day (ha-North-American-reference-ha… sorry). How long this sunny spell will last is anyones guess, especially in Vancouver (the weather conditions are flippant at best), but I shan’t complain – as my British genetics dictate – and have made it my goal to enjoy Easter weekend to its full, out in the sunshine and, naturally, eating all food in sight.

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Peppermint Brownie Bars



Hello readers (…if you’re still out there)! Yes, I am back! Finally! Been bloody long enough, am I right? After a short hiatus, yes hiatus, I actively took time off from the blog… no, it’s not because I’ve fallen out of love with baking, or you, yes… I am finally back! And I am in Canada… whaaaat?! Yes, that is correct, the reason for my culinary and literary absence, is because I pulled up my socks and moved to Vancouver – I mean, it was about time, wasn’t it?

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A Duo of Christmas Cakes


HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE! Yes, Merry Christmas one and all! I hope you are all prepared for the big day tomorrow, tucked up on the sofa with a mound of presents at your feet, mince pie in one hand, mulled wine in the other, eagerly awaiting Santa Claus and the flocking of relatives to your door! I cannot believe that Christmas is finally here and I sincerely hope that you all have a truly lovely day, filled with happiness, cheer, merriment and good food!

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